With over 30 years deep involvement in music I’ve accumulated so many friends from past encounters. These have enriched my life and it seems, also the lives of those I have had the privilege to have worked with. Here are a few comments from some of those people.

“Carol has offered my children the most high quality and inspiring musical education. Both are extremely motivated to practice and returned from their lessons full of enthusiasm and determination to master the next pieces they had been given to practice. Their inherent drive to progress and refine the music they had worked on with Carol was a true testament to her incredible warmth, inspiration and giftedness as a teacher. We are so grateful for the opportunity to continue our musical journey with such a multi-talented and devoted teacher.”
—Lael Rasch

“I think Carol is an amazing teacher because she is so warm, caring, and enthusiastic. When she teaches it is at the highest level possible. She goes into many details and offers ideas about all different ways to do things, but in a way that never gets you confused or stumped. The way she deeply cares for me as a student makes me feel really wonderful.”
—From Ciaran

“Carol Diven has been an inspirational Oboe teacher to our daughter.
 Her outstanding teaching and instrumental skills along with the caring dedication she brings to her work have motivated our daughter to engage with the Oboe joyfully and with great commitment.
 Recently we have switched to Carol as our piano teacher as well.
 Above all, what stands out are Carol’s integrity and her great love of music!”
—Helena van Vliet

Oboe photo“When Carol taught chorus at my son’s school, I always marveled at how exceptionally the children performed.  Their voices blended harmoniously and beautifully. Carol always expected a lot of the students, and their performances were always of the highest quality. Carol organized a variety of concerts at my son’s school, including classical and popular music — from Bach to U2 each concert highlighted her gifts as a conductor and a teacher. Carol is an accomplished musician, and she imparts her love of music to her students.  Her knowledge spans the full repertoire of classical and popular music.”
—Allison Hunter

“My son has had oboe lessons for one and a half years. He credits Mrs. Diven for his fast progress and beautiful oboe sound. I know he is always looking forward to the lessons, because they are professional, well structured and challenging, so that each time he can hear the musical and technical progress he has made. Each lesson is a new inspiration for him.”
—Veronika Roemer, Mother

“I decided to take up the oboe at the age of 56, as a “bucket list” project. I succeeded, in the sense that I am still playing  almost 7 years later and even get to play in the local community band. These things could not have happened without Carol Ann Diven, and I am eternally grateful to her. She is a great teacher for an adult, and I heard enough of her teaching children that I know she is great with children too. I highly recommend Carol to any music student or a parent of one.”
—Greg Marshall

“Mrs. Diven is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of music. She took my understanding of music to the next level”.
—Chaitanyaa S Bhatt, All State Chorus 2012

Piano photo“I fully endorse Carol Diven and her amazing knowledge, skill and — above all — love for music! The youngsters may not always appreciate all they learn from talented teachers, but seeing the recent High School Choir at the Kimberton Waldorf School perform various pieces filled me with joy! Music is precious, it lifts the soul, it nourishes the spirit — so very important when young people are going through the years of their childhood/adolescence. The experience may go underground for a while, but a good teacher lays seeds to spring up at a later stage — this is what Carol does!”
—Sabine Otto

“My 12 year old daughter has been taking piano Lessons with Carol for the past 9 months. She loves every single minute of her lessons and returns from each one with incredible enthusiasm, and determination to master whatever piece she is working on. She has even come to love working on her Hanon exercises; even they have become a joy and a wonderful challenge. This is thanks to Carol’s incredible teaching. I have been so deeply impressed by Carol’s ongoing warmth, enthusiasm, and gifted musicianship.”
—Lael Rasch